Privacy Policy

Updated: 1/14/2019

At E3 Life Coach, we take your privacy seriously and only use the information you provide us to complete an online request for information. We do not share your information with third parties without your written consent and in, under no circumstances, do we sell your information to anyone. The types of personal information we collect on our website includes: First Name, Last Name, Company/ Organization Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Website Data, Google Analytics Data, Google Business Data, Google Search Console Data.


We use the information you provide us to complete the request for information. We use your Email Address and Phone Number to contact you for consultation and service related purposes. We also use your Email Address to conveniently send you E3 Life Coach Blogs and News through the E3 Life Coach community. Your address is not shared with outside parties without your expressed written consent.


While browsing through E3 Life, we use advertising cookies to better understand what you are interested in. We also use these cookies to determine what information on our website you are interested in through the use of Google Analytics. The techniques we use do not collect personal information and no data that we collect is sold to third parties.