The Next Chapter

Rediscover passion and fulfilment in retirement and make an impact. In the E3 Life Coach program, you connect to your true purpose and discover how to improve your life.

The Next Chapter...

SO NOW WHAT? How will you get the most out of each and every day?

E3 Life Coach believes that this next chapter in your life deserves a plan/vision that addresses all major areas of your life, not just financial and career. It’s all about living the kind of life that YOU decide.

Your E3 Life Coach can help you create a positive vision of your life in retirement. You learn to contribute your skills, experience and knowledge to make an impact in some way. Your Coach helps you see your opportunity to do great things and/or do things greatly.

Embrace a positive, balanced approach to leisure. E3 Life Coach helps you discover the benefits of a positive attitude towards your retirement, master the art of making choices congruent with your purpose and ignite ambitions again in your life.

Whats Next

Local or Remote

The location and timing for the your coaching meetings are flexible.

E3 Life Coach tailors the location and time for your coaching meetings to fit your needs. You can experience the rewards of the program in a private setting away from the distractions of your home or office. Or, you can eliminate the hassle, time and cost of travel by accessing your coach from anywhere via our secure video conferencing services.

The Journey Begins With A Single Step...

Re-imagine the way you experience life. Connect with us to schedule
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