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"During my time working with Deborah, I could always count on her for sound mentorship and advice. With a few simple questions, she could help me cut through much of the ‘noise’ and truly envision what my goals were. With more clear expectations in mind, she would then help me evolve my approach to match the situation and remind me that I was empowered to do what was necessary to achieve those goals. Her coaching style is not one of ‘telling’ one what to do. Her approach is truly one of asking provocative questions and coaching one to find individual solutions."

Beth K. (Executive Director, Planning & Development)

"Deborah has a passion to nurture, mentor and ignite growth in others. As a colleague, I sought her advice and noticed this natural desire in her, to see me, and others, succeed. She drew from her many years of experience as a an executive leader to offer bits of wisdom and encouragement on my path to develop as a leader. I am grateful for her generous spirit and support."

Amy M. (Chief Mission Officer)

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