My life is abundant with joy. I feel satisfied with myself and my circumstances every day. I am proud of myself for my hard work and thankful that I can provide a good life for my family. I am pleased with where I am at in life.

Much of my satisfaction springs from my practice of gratitude. I make certain each day to remember all the things for which I am thankful. Some of these things are small, like the smell of dinner cooking. Some of them are far-reaching, like my partner, children, or friends. All of them bring me joy, so all are worth remembering.

When I practice gratitude, I am most satisfied with my life. Whatever may feel challenging right now is diminished in the face of my multitude of blessings.

If I ever feel like situations in my life are other than I might like, I remind myself that everything is temporary. Today’s joys are always replaced by tomorrow’s joys. And any challenges I may experience fade away just as fast.

I trust that the balance of positive to negative in my life is always in my favor.

Today, I give thanks for all my many blessings. I remember my daily joys and I am rewarded with satisfaction. Each day, I consciously practice gratitude and become increasingly pleased with where I am in life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What things have I accomplished that I am most proud of?
  2. What blessings do I have in my life through no conscious action on my part?
  3. At what times or in what situations would I most benefit from consciously practicing gratitude?