Horses Instinctive Sensitivity Helps Humans

With enthusiasm, my husband and I moved to the great community of Aiken, SC two years ago. We were attracted to Aiken for many reasons: the size of the community...


How a Shift in Mindset Can Improve Your Performance

OK, I admit it. My golf game can best be described as “shoot and chuckle”. And, my tennis game...well, I won’t go there! But what I have learned from my times...

Second Act

Second Act Poststory Project

In March 2019, I met a local photographer, Chris McKeel partner in Flourish Media. Chris attended a local small business networking group where I had performed...

"As a former coaching client myself, this program maximized my success in both my personal life and career"

Deborah De Vita

Holiday Blues

Don't Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle

The Christmas/Hanakkuh Season can be a time of stress - chaotic shopping malls filled with irritable shoppers; feelings of loss - remembering loved ones...

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