Life is a Marathon, Not a Sprint - The Benefits of Slowing Down

What does slowing down mean to you?Chances are you may view slowing down negatively, perhaps as a symptom of age or weakness. What if I told you there were countless benefits to slowing down? Would you believe me?


Don't Let the Sound of Your Own Wheels Drive You Crazy

Do you overthink constantly? Can your thoughts drag you down a rabbit hole? Do you have trouble quieting your mind? Don't let the sound of your own thoughts drive you crazy!


Are Your Expectations Realistic? Start By Asking Yourself This One Simple Question

With many clients, including myself, it's common to find ourselves saying things like "I know I should…" or "I am supposed to…" when in reality, the question we should be asking is "who says I should?"

"As a former coaching client myself, this program maximized my success in both my personal life and career"

Deborah De Vita


How To Define What Success Looks Like For Yourself

For most people, success is built around internal and external metrics they consciously or subconsciously set. If that’s the case, how do you know if your metrics are the right metrics to measure success correctly?


Saboteur Brain vs. Sage Brain: How to Reach Your Full Potential

I work with many business owners and entrepreneurs; they all have in common their wish to reach their full potential. The key to their success is learning to unlock their Sage brain and tame their Saboteur brain....


How to Stop Negative Self-Talk - Lessons from a Life Coach

We are all guilty of negative self-talk, but that doesn’t mean we should get a free pass for inflicting physiological pain on ourselves...


How to Overcome Procrastination with 5 Easy Steps

Procrastination has been formed over many years. You have taught yourself to rationalize that you want a pleasant, more enjoyable life. To live true to that story, you avoid difficult and unpleasant tasks leading to procrastination habits like task-aversion and conflict avoidance. Sound familiar?


3 Tips for Small Business Owners to Save Time at Tax Time

Deborah is a certifed life coach that specializes in empowering people with the roadmap & skills to envision their unique life purpose in order to evolve into the best versions of themselves. Deborah can help you become you become your best you.


Strengthen Your Relationship Through Conflict

Conflict is an interesting beast because it involves two competing sides, your side and theirs. You both want to convince each other that you're right, prove the other wrong, and persuade them to nominate you as the winner. Unfortunately, if left unchecked, this approach can activate negative emotional and physical reactions that can seriously hurt relationships.


Break the Burnout Cycle: Optimize Your Energy and Impact

Do you feel drained? Are you on the verge of burnout? Is stress a frequent visitor? You are not alone...


How to Survive and Thrive in Chaos

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that unexpected and unprecedented events can and will happen. COVID-19 brought chaos into our lives...


Do you need a life coach?

Many of us have formed emotional and physical habits that hold us back from living an enriched life. It takes an outside force to help reframe actions, mindset, and behavior to break these negative patterns.


How to Fail at Achieving

If I had to guess, the title of this blog not only piqued your interest but also triggered the high-achiever in you who will go to great lengths never to fail. So, you might be asking yourself, how can I fail at achieving?


How to Set Boundaries and Build Healthier Relationships with Yourself and Others

Learning how to set healthy boundaries can be difficult for many people. However, learning to set boundaries in all areas of your life is essential for your well-being.


How to Recognize and Minimize Self-Sabotage

Everyone has automatic and habitual mind patterns that negatively influence how you react and what you believe.


5 Tips to Make Any New
Habit Stick

With these five easy tips, you’ll be able to make any new habit stick for good.


How to Declutter Your Emotional Closet

Doing a little spring cleaning here, it's that time of year! I'm going to give you some tip on how to extrend your spring cleaning to your internal bookshelf or closet....


Get More of What You Want by Learning to Ask For It

In life, you’ll likely experience times when you want something from someone else. You might be thinking, “I’m very independent...


Horses Instinctive Sensitivity Helps Humans

With enthusiasm, my husband and I moved to the great community of Aiken, SC two years ago. We were attracted to Aiken for many reasons: the size of the community...


How a Shift in Mindset Can Improve Your Performance

OK, I admit it. My golf game can best be described as “shoot and chuckle”. And, my tennis game...well, I won’t go there! But what I have learned from my times...

Second Act

Second Act Poststory Project

In March 2019, I met a local photographer, Chris McKeel partner in Flourish Media. Chris attended a local small business networking group where I had performed...


10 Ways To Build An Amazing Life

Everyone starts out with the dream of living the type of life of which books are written. Unfortunately, most of us end up living exactly the type of life we wanted to avoid....


Good Things Are Happening In My Life.

I count my blessings each morning. I am filled with gratitude when I consider all the positive things happening in my life...


Happiness Is My Path

Happiness is more than my destination. I avoid waiting for possessions, relationships, or experiences to make me happy. My bliss comes from within. It is my choice...


How To Live Life Without Regret

You already have a few regrets, but there are ways to help ensure you have far fewer of them over the rest of your life...


I Am Pleased With Where I Am In Life.

My life is abundant with joy. I feel satisfied with myself and my circumstances every day...


I Choose Memorable Experiences Over Material Possessions.

There are more valuable things that last longer than tangible gifts. Memorable experiences outlive any physical thing that I collect...


I Feel Alive

My life is fun and engaging. I feel vibrant and energetic...


Life Is Beautiful And Exciting.

Life is overflowing with beauty. I see it in the smiling face of a small child, the smell of the rain...


Life Is Wonderful.

My life is a precious gift...


My Heart Is Light

I enjoy life. I choose habits that contribute to my happiness and success. My heart is light. I think positive. I look on the bright side...


My Life Is Fun And Rewarding

I enjoy my life greatly. I am able to spend my free time in ways that entertain me and make me happy...


One Of The Best

Strengthening your sense of compassion will make you feel happier. By helping to relieve the suffering of others, you bring joy to your own life...


Small Achievements Make My Heart Sing.

The simple things in life sometimes carry the biggest value. I look forward to small victories because they keep me smiling each day...


The 12-Minute Path to Happiness

What do you do when you’re feeling low and want a quick boost? A recent university study tested 3 different methods for finding relief. ...


The Little Things In Life Often Excite Me The Most.

Great accomplishments are rewarding. I find joy in the stepping stones between those triumphs...


15 Tips For Beating Laziness

Beating laziness is a necessary part of getting things done. Laziness can have a variety of causes. In most cases, the task that needs to be completed isn’t enjoyable. Or you lack inspiration. Mowing the grass when it’s 90 degrees outside is a good example of both.


Break the Cycle of Excessive Busyness

Trying to squeeze too many activities into too few hours can leave you overwhelmed. Maybe you’re bragging about how busy you are because it secretly makes you feel important and successful. Maybe you’re under financial and family pressures that outstrip your resources.


How to Embrace New Chapters in Your Life

As you're well aware, life is full of changes. Sometimes, the changes occur when you least expect them, and you end up with your routines being thrown out of whack. That's how it often is when new chapters are opened up in your life.


Self-Mastery is the Ultimate Goal

What’s standing in the way of you reaching the level of success you desire, enjoying a great relationship, or seeing your abs for the first time? Is the problem that you don’t know enough? No. Is there too much competition? Not even close.

Holiday Blues

Don't Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle

The Christmas/Hanakkuh Season can be a time of stress - chaotic shopping malls filled with irritable shoppers; feelings of loss - remembering loved ones...

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