I count my blessings each morning. I am filled with gratitude when I consider all the positive things happening in my life. I am a lucky person. I deserve to have positive things happening in my life. I am blessed.

Whenever I am feeling down, I remind myself of the wonderful things I experience each day. I can quickly list many things in my life that are amazing and worthy of gratitude.

Reminding myself of my blessings keeps me grounded and enhances my mood. I can change my mood by focusing my thoughts on the good things happening in my life.

I work diligently each day to ensure that I deserve a wonderful life. Good things are more likely to happen when I do my part.

I avoid relying on luck, yet I am the luckiest person I know. Good things just seem to happen to me when I least expect them.

Even the negative parts of my life are improving each day. This improvement transforms the negative into a positive force. Improvement is more meaningful and more attainable than perfection.

Today, I am basking in my good fortune. I am using today to energize my mind and spirit by appreciating my life. There are good things happening in my life right now. I am certain even more good things are to come.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are three great things in my life? Why do I appreciate them?

  2. What happens when I only focus on my challenges? Why do I sometimes focus on the negative? Do I believe this helps?

  3. If I placed more of my attention on positive things in my life, what would be the likely outcome?