Barbara Gunnels

Barbara G.

"My biggest frustration prior to taking the E3LifeCoach From Saboteur To Sage Program was getting very frustrated when things didn't go my way, or as I planned.

After taking this program, I am able to stop and think about things from the other person's perspective or look at a scenario from a different point of view. The result is a lot less frustration throughout my day. And..... when I do get frustrated, it's for seconds and I redirect. No more Dwelling on negative thoughts, emotions or feelings.

If you are considering this program, I urge you to just go ahead and do it. Whether you are like me and have already done other conferences and workshops, and read the books, or you are new to this kind of journey, this one is a game changer! The way it's designed actually trains your mindset along the way, instead of just teaching you why it's a good thing. Go for it, you won't be sorry."

Christie N

Christine N.

"Hello. My name is Christine Newby and I just completed the E3LifeCoach Saboteur To Sage program. I am so excited that I invested the money and the time in myself to do this.

It made such a difference for me. I have my own business. I am more productive now, after this. Program. I am calmer. I have better relationships with the people around me. It is worth every minute that you can invest, every penny that you can invest because it will really help you, I promise."

Beth K.

Elizabeth C.

"I was able to complete this program with Deborah and it was both cathartic and empowering. I would highly recommend Deborah and the E3LifeCoach Saboteur to Sage program to anyone looking to find the positive side of any situation. This course was life-changing!"

Beth K.

Beth. K

"During my time working with Deborah, I could always count on her for sound mentorship and advice. With a few simple questions, she could help me cut through much of the ‘noise’ and truly envision what my goals were. With more clear expectations in mind, she would then help me evolve my approach to match the situation and remind me that I was empowered to do what was necessary to achieve those goals. Her coaching style is not one of ‘telling’ one what to do. Her approach is truly one of asking provocative questions and coaching one to find individual solutions."

Amy M.

Amy M.

"Deborah has a passion to nurture, mentor and ignite growth in others. As a colleague, I sought her advice and noticed this natural desire in her, to see me, and others, succeed. She drew from her many years of experience as a an executive leader to offer bits of wisdom and encouragement on my path to develop as a leader. I am grateful for her generous spirit and support."

Mike D.

Mike D.

"The life coaching I received from Deborah was excellent. I thought I was well-equipped and organized. The program taught me ways to be better organized, helped train my brain for positive thinking and outcomes, and set tasks and goals to get me motivated! Deborah was always prepared, and tailored the program to my style of learning, which was appreciated greatly. During the program, I was promoted at work and entered back into school to further my career. The program helped, and continues to help, me effectively manage a full-time job, school, and personal life. I would recommend this to any aspirational professional!"


Melissa P.

“E3LifeCoach is not what I expected. I expected advice and directions on how to make my life happy and fulfilled. Instead, I learned how to choose my own directions and grow personally by tapping into desires and identifying my guidelines for living. From our first meeting, Deborah challenged me to think about what I wanted in a very different way. She helped me to organize my thoughts with great questions and encouraged me to re-evaluate what was important. In summary, E3LifeCoach has enabled me to transform my life and I will be forever grateful.”

Martin Harvey

Martin H.

“As a high-achieving entrepreneur, I frequently wrestled with keeping my professional life and my personal life in equilibrium. Trying to manage a growing business and a blossoming relationship with my life partner often made me feel insecure and vulnerable.

In my first session with Deborah, the “Life Purpose” session, I instantly started to see a connection between my previous choices and my ultimate purpose in life and as a result, I realised that I could have both a successful business and a fulfilling personal life through balance and mindfulness.

As a bi-product of Deborah’s work, I also saw my business’s direction from a unique perspective and was able to make changes that resulted in additional success. I attribute Deborah’s key attention to detail and unique ability to ask the right questions to the additional benefits I have experienced.

If you are considering working with Deborah to improve your personal and/or professional life, I say go for it. Consider it an investment in your own success! ”


Amelia A.

“I started working with Deborah because I was transitioning into a self-employed role and I felt my lack of self-confidence was holding me back from becoming my best self. Working with Deborah gave me an opportunity to acknowledge the reasons that fueled my lack of self-confidence and find solutions that allowed me to overcome my challenges by achieving and celebrating specific milestones. Deborah was such a pleasure to work with, I have full confidence that she can help you overcome any obstacle by providing tools that help you become the person you want to be. Thanks Deborah!”


Danielle C.

“I would highly recommend purchasing the E3LifeCoach Life Purpose Session. I thoroughly enjoyed my session. I was delighted in it. After I had my session, I felt like I was definitely more prepared when I was faced with situations in making a decision, whether it was going to lead me closer to fulfilling that life purpose. That is how things changed for me. For anyone considering purchasing the life purpose session, I highly recommended that you do it. I feel it is a gift to yourself. Gifting yourself a personal roadmap to help guide you to exactly where you are supposed to be going. It equips you so you know when coming into certain situations or certain people in your life whether they are going to help you get towards that goal. So I highly recommend it. So Again, I highly recommend it for yourself because it's important. It lets you know why your here. It gives you that roadmap to what your supposed to be doing and why we are here. And what good is being here if you don't know your purpose? I highly recommend E3LifeCoaching with Deborah De Vita. Absolutely!”


John G.

“Hi there! I’m John Goldberg and I’m a former client of Deborah’s with E3LifeCoaching. I want to take a moment and share with you my experiences with E3LifeCoaching.

As a busy professional in the middle of transitioning careers from being an educator to the training and development sector of the industry, one of the biggest challenges that I had for me was trying to juggle numerous projects and goals that I had set for me while also trying to maintain some balance in my life. Prior to working with Deborah, I felt like I had this feeling of constantly on the go after graduating college and, thankful for me, I reached some really great career goals in my life, but I had this feeling of being unsatisfied, empty, and wished for longing more that was out there.

All of those feelings, to me, made me feel uninspired and a sense of feeling like I did not have full control over anything, and that seemed to really overwhelm me a lot.

With Deborah’s mentorship and guidance, she was able to help me walk through why I was feeling this way and offered me some great tools and advise along the way. One of the moments that I found was really helpful to me was when Deborah and I walked through developing and understanding what it is was my true life purpose was here on this planet. Personally, I feel like we’re all destined to achieve and strive for something that is greater than us and having a life purpose really sets the path for that too. My ultimate life purpose is to inspire myself and others to discover something new through while sharing it through my skills and talents of creativity and communication. I would never had been able to know that had it not been for Deborah’s guidance and mentorship with E3LifeCoaching.

If you’re someone that’s really on the fence and not sure about life coaching, my advice to you would be to get started. Get started with finding some clarity for yourself. Depending on what situations life can throw at us, clarity is often times the best thing we can find a sense of solace in. I can really tell you that Deborah can help you find what it is you’re longing for with regards to you career, having more balance in your life, or anything of that nature

I wish you luck in your journey and I helping you find success in your life. Hopefully, E3LifeCoaching can be a great aspect in helping you find that. Thanks! ”