I work with many business owners and entrepreneurs; they all have in common their wish to reach their full potential. The key to their success is learning to unlock their Sage brain and tame their Saboteur brain. When you can quiet the self-destructive Saboteurs and unleash the power of your Sage, you can reach your full potential.

Before I get into how you can do this, it's essential to understand how the Saboteur and the Sage Brain affect you and the science behind this phenomenon.

Think of your brain split into two halves. The left side is your Saboteur brain, also known as your Surviving brain, and the right side is your Sage brain, also known as your Thriving (PQ) brain.

Saboteur vs. Sage

On the left, you have your invisible emotional Saboteurs, who destroy any attempt to increase your happiness or performance. On the right side is your Sage, which has access to your wisdom, insights, and untapped mental powers. Each side of the brain is fueled by different parts of your brain and can be strengthened or weakened by activating specific regions. Most people go through life with each side of the brain continuously playing tug of war, with the Saboteurs winning most (if not all) of the time. To reach your full potential, your goal is to weaken the left side and strengthen the right side.

There are ten Saboteurs, however, your strongest Saboteur(s) will be unique to you. These are internal enemies you have been carrying around and strengthening since childhood. They are a set of automatic and habitual mind patterns, each with its voice, beliefs, and assumptions that work against your best interest.

Fortunately, your Sage brain has the power to counter and weaken your Saboteurs. Your Sage represents the more profound and wiser part of you. It's who you are at your core. It’s the part that can resist the drama and the lies of the Saboteurs. With your Sage wisdom, you gain perspective on any challenge you face; you can find the gift and opportunity easily. When activated, your right brain has access to five Sage powers. These powers lie in regions of your brain that are different from those that fuel your Saboteurs.

Your Sage's five powers include:

  • To Explore with great curiosity and an open mind;
  • To Empathize with yourself and others and bring compassion and understanding to any situation;
  • To Innovate and create new perspectives and outside-the-box solutions;
  • To Navigate and choose a path that best aligns with your deeper underlying values and mission; and
  • To Activate and take decisive action without the distress, interference, or distractions of the Saboteurs.

Saboteur vs. Sage

There are three strategies you can implement to increase the control you have over your mind (1) weaken your Saboteurs, (2) strengthen your Sage, and (3) strengthen your PQ Brain muscles. PQ brain muscles are the region of your brain responsible for activating your Sage powers. Your capability to do this will depend on your Saboteur's strength compared to your Sage's strength. With my program, Saboteur to Sage, no matter how strong your saboteurs are, you will use a proven process called Positive Intelligence® to help weaken your left brain and activate the true potential of your right brain. The Positive Intelligence® method is based on Cognitive Psychology, Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, and Performance Science.

Saboteur vs. Sage

Activating and strengthening your Sage brain while weakening your Saboteur brain is possible with my Saboteur to Sage program. You will learn your Saboteur to Sage strengths, identify your strongest Saboteurs, discover methods to activate your Sage brain, and mental fitness activities to strengthen your PQ regions. You will learn methods and practices that you can take far beyond the 6-week program.

If you’re interested in unleashing your true potential, I invite you to learn more about my life-changing program, Saboteur to Sage. If you have any questions, please contact me at deborah@e3lifecoach.com.

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