Do you overthink constantly? Can your thoughts drag you down a rabbit hole? Do you have trouble quieting your mind? Don't let the sound of your own thoughts drive you crazy!

Maybe you're an overthinker, identify as being restless, or are a perfectionist; either way, you tend to be critical of yourself and others. Your mind fixates on details in the past or events that haven't even happened yet. The truth is, we all suffer from that voice in our head that we can't seem to turn off; even though this voice may never truly go away, there are tools and tactics to weaken the voice's impact on your life.

If you could improve the quality of your life by weakening negative thoughts by embracing more positive and peaceful thoughts, imagine what your life would be like.

When I work with clients, I focus on identifying their internal saboteurs. Yes, there's more than one! We all suffer from the Judge who is the most critical of them all, but we also suffer from other saboteurs who can show up differently depending on the person. That's why it's so important to identify them, understand their root cause, and what lies they tell. Once you identify them and really understand their impact, you can disarm them and weaken their negative impact on your thoughts and actions. Plus, with my app-driven program, Saboteur to Sage, I empower my clients with tools and tactics to embrace their sage powers which combat and weaken all saboteurs forever.

So, if the sound of your own wheels is driving you crazy, start by identifying your strongest saboteur by taking my quiz.