My life is fun and engaging. I feel vibrant and energetic.

I do challenging work. I seek out projects that stretch my skills and test my abilities. I make a game out of handling pressure.

I work out regularly. Staying active keeps my body and mind in top condition. I run in the morning or visit the gym after work. I play catch with my children and take my dog for long walks in the park.

I smile and laugh. I think optimistically and remind myself to be grateful. When I run into setbacks, I try to look at the humorous side of the situation.

I spend time with family and friends. My relationships add meaning to my life. I share support and encouragement. I express my thoughts and feelings. I take pleasure in doing things for those I care about.

I take worthwhile risks. I face my fears and break out of my comfort zone. I strike up conversations with interesting strangers at airports and coffee shops. I say what is on my mind even if others may disagree.

I sample new experiences. I try new recipes for dinner and take a different route to work. I cut my long hair or buy a pair of shoes that are the latest style. I learn a second language or volunteer to tutor high school students.

I practice my faith. I meditate and pray. I discuss my journey with other members of my community.

Today, I wake up to the possibilities that surround me. I look upon my life as a great adventure.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What is one new activity I could try this weekend?
  2. How do I define my life purpose?
  3. What is the difference between living and existing?