Chances are your emotions hijack your ability to react positively to the challenges of life, you’re not alone.

Everyone has automatic and habitual mind patterns that negatively influence how you react and what you believe. Unfortunately, these automatic responses are your internal enemy, known as your saboteurs. They force you to take action out of anger, fear, shame, anxiety, regret, obligation, and guilt, which negatively impact your performance, happiness, and relationships.

Self-sabotage is the saboteurs in your mind. Each saboteur has its own voice, beliefs, and assumptions that work against you. Everyone, including you, has tensaboteurs, with the Judge being strongest and causing the greatest damage. It’s the voice inside your head that points out all your imperfections, flaws, and mistakes. I like to call the other nine saboteur, The Accomplices. They are slightly weaker and show up secondary to the Judge. Depending on your background and personality, you will “favor” certain saboteur accomplices over others. These are the ones that bring you the most harm and need to be put in check.


To keep your saboteurs in check, we need to build your mental fitness by strengthening your positive neural pathways (positive mental muscles).

I consider the speed at which you’re able to turn your negative mindset, hijacked by your saboteurs, into a positive mindset, determines how mentally fit you are. You can think of mental fitness like physical fitness. For example, when you’re walking along a flat path, there’s relatively no physical stress, but once that flat path transforms into an incline, your physical stress increases. However, the more physically fit you are, the less stressed you feel, no matter the gradient. The same can be said with mental fitness. When life gives you lemons, how fast you can turn those lemons into lemonade will determine how quickly you can take action through creativity, compassion, curiosity, desire to contribute and create meaning. I call this your Sage Powers, the fuel for your positive mental muscles and a healthy mindset.

The fastest way to boost your mental fitness is to identify which saboteurs generate your strongest negative emotions and hijack your mental state during stressful and challenging times.

It’s essential to learn how to identify them, how they impact you, understand the lies and tricks they use against you, and then learn ways to weaken them. In my Saboteur to Sage program, I will coach you through a 6-week program designed to strengthen your positive thoughts by recognizing and minimizing self-sabotage. You’ll learn how to weaken your saboteurs and boost positivity, allowing you to perform better, improve relationships, and feel happier and less stressed.

Which are your strongest Accomplices? Take the assessment to find out. Once you receive your results, email me and let me know. I will answer any questions and help you understand their impact on your life. I will tell you how you can participate in an upcoming Saboteur to Sage program and change your life.

It’s time to stop wasting mental and emotional energy trying to counter your saboteurs. I’ll teach you how to build your mental fitness so that you can handle all of life’s challenges with a positive mindset.

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