Do you feel drained? Are you on the verge of burnout? Is stress a frequent visitor?

You are not alone.

To stay competitive and relevant there’s immense pressure for employees and business owners to perform well and stay ahead, even at the expense of their wellbeing and happiness. So, what if I told you that it doesn’t have to be that way? That you could optimize your work, feel more energized, and have a high impact?

In my Saboteur to Sage program, one of the activities is helping my clients maximize their energy and impact so that they can balance their performance and wellbeing. We explore their role and figure out how to improve and optimize their time. We also find ways to reach and maintain peak performance both mentally and physically. For those of you not yet enrolled in my program, I want to share a powerful activity that will help you optimize your energy and impact.

Saboteur to Sage Energy and Impact Optimization Activity

Step 1 – Write down which activities you do daily and assign how much time you spend on them. I recommend assigning time as a percentage.

Step 2 – Plot these activities on the matrix. Really think about each activity’s impact and how it makes you feel after you do it.


You can refer to this example below to help you visualize how to organize and plot your activities.



Step 3 – Determine how you will evolve your activities so that most of your activities are spent in the high-impact column.

There are three strategies that I use to help my clients transition from their current state to their desired state. For each activity, determine which of the following strategies you will implement:

Keep The activity, Shift Your Mindset – when you take my program you will learn which emotional saboteurs get in the way of your success and you’ll be able to identify which ones are interfering with your energy and impact. I will teach you how to use a positive thought process, so you are able to see the gift and opportunity in any activity.

Delegate The Activity- Hand-off the battery draining or low-impact activity to someone else who enjoys doing the activity. If you are in a position where you are unable to do this, stick to either the first or last strategy.

Reallocate Your Time – Rearrange the time assigned for each activity to create a more optimal mix.

Step 4 – Create a table and for each activity assign your current time, the desired time you’d like to allocate to the activity, and the strategy you’ll use to transition to your desired time. Then, replot your activities using your desired time (%).

Using my previous example, you’ll see the shift in time allocation and which strategy was used to optimize energy and impact in the graphics below.



Step 5 – Implement! Now that you have your plan, it’s time to act. Have a specific time in mind when you’d like to see your desired results. Make sure to set a realistic timeline.

As this activity is powerful and can help you shift your activities, so you are left feeling energized and fulfilled, there is a lot more that goes into implementing a successful transition strategy. To get the ball rolling in the right direction, take my Discover Your Saboteur quiz so you can find out your top saboteur and learn more about my Saboteur to Sage program.

Please contact me with any questions, I am here to guide you and help as best I can.

Good luck!

All Images Sourced By Positive Intelligence®