With enthusiasm, my husband and I moved to the great community of Aiken, SC two years ago. We were attracted to Aiken for many reasons: the size of the community, the vibrant downtown, the many civic and social activities, the weather, and so much more.

To my surprise and delight, I came to realize the rich heritage of the equine community here. From the many artful horse statues throughout the town, the street names honoring horses with a connection to Aiken, to the experience of watching these majestic creatures cross Whiskey Road while the traffic waits for their regal “parade”. All of these things add to the flavor and culture of our best small town.

As a life and career coach, I have been blessed to have made new connections and friends who are equestrian folks. From the polo field to the steeplechase, from the dressage-training ring to the nature trails, I have been welcomed with open arms by these caring people.

With my coaching knowledge and experience, I quickly recognized how horses can offer a powerful road map for creating or restoring a genuine state of peace and playfulness within us. The relationship between human and horse can connect us with our inner wisdom and harmony.

So, I respectfully suggest to you, if your head is not on straight your horse will know it. Here’s how this works.

Do you feel your life is lacking purpose or passion? Perhaps you need an overhaul. Stop simply going through the motions of life – make a change for the better.

Your horse’s outstanding communication skill allows you to harness results, awareness and access to your inner resources – especially when you are working with a life coach.

Why Horses, You Ask?

The Horse is a glorious being offering significant contributions to the human heart and spirit. A recent study shows, for the first time, that horses respond to human emotional cues by integrating the emotional value of the voice they hear with that of the facial expressions they see. These exquisite creatures of God live in groups in wildlife, so they have developed the ability to “read” their immediate surroundings. They sense and interpret the “nonverbal language” of those around them and instinctively act on it.

Horses are the greatest teachers related to our energy fields. They are energetically open creatures. Their innate, intuitive nature senses any distraction or emotions, which, in turn, causes a reaction in the horse that echoes the human’s emotions.

Horses operate the way a mirror does, reflecting back everything we need to see about ourselves. They can give many people a real, honest insight about themselves that might not have been revealed otherwise.

Sometimes this reflection reveals your greatness, enthusiasm, happiness and success, while other times it mirrors your stresses, shadows and sadness. Horses have great sensitivity. They are very perceptive. Your horse can instantly realize if you are stressed, aggressive, nervous, fearful, and uncertain or calm, serene, safe, etc. This allows you to gain insight into yourself, increase your emotional intelligence, and discover the importance of self-love and acceptance. Ask a war veteran participating in Aiken’s own Saratoga WarHorse Connection Process. The veteran will tell you that, through this program, they experience profound benefits: “A sense of empowerment, decreased anxiety, and…. increased resilience.”

Ask yourself the following questions. What can you learn about yourself from your horse? What is your horse doing with the energy and emotions you offer them? Why is your horse so willing to be a conduit of change for you?

Without realizing it, you emit energy that your horse reads, and your horse will react instinctively to any negative energy. Your horse’s reaction is different depending on the energy they receive, whether clear or confused. The more you are aware of how deeply you feel, the more your horse receives quiet and reliable energy which allows them to relax in your presence.

The horse, as teacher, offers us lessons in:

  • Honesty, truth, authenticity
  • Love, trust, respect
  • Boundaries, self-awareness, and empowerment
  • Creating a healthy relationship with oneself and with others

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” – Winston Churchill